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T1-Together, Cuppa Daisies and Mabu Vinyl

Jacques Vosloo, Mabu Vinyl
Jacques Vosloo, Mabu Vinyl

Mabu Vinyl was started in 2000 by Jacques Vosloo, who later partnered with Stephen “Sugar” Segerman. This iconic Cape Town record store was featured in the Oscar-winning movie, “Searching For Sugar Man“. Mabu Vinyl buys, sells, and trades most kinds of vinyl – vintage and new. They also trade in CD’s, tapes, comics, and music related DVD’s and books.

And so, we at T1-Together & Cuppa Daisies are extremely proud to be associated with Jacques Vosloo and Mabu Vinyl.  We are the regular recipients of donations of LPs, CDs, DVDs and books which we then sell to raise funds for the diabetic community.  We sell on various platforms including at markets (Table Bay Market Craft & Gift Fair, Market at the Barn, Melkbos Farmers Market and others) and online on Facebook (Marketplace and Table View Auctions).

Brian Currin

We will be hosting a private event on 14 November 2020 at which all our stock will be available for viewing and buying and Brian Currin (who has been involved with Mabu Vinyl and for many years) will be available to share his music knowledge. Please Whatsapp if you would like to receive an invitation.

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Spring Time – A Time for Something New!

Just over a year ago, we launched T1-Together as a fundraising initiative for the diabetic community, often referring to T1-Together as the fund-raising “arm” of Cuppa Daisies.  (The 18 months prior to T1-Together, we did fundraising for the local Plotwatch in our community, also under the auspices of Cuppa Daisies). 

And now with spring in the air and a time for new things, we have updated the T1-Together logo and colours to be more in line with Cuppa Daisies brand.

We are also super stoked to announce that Emily Longman is back on the team.  Emily helped us out in 2018, with our social media marketing, and now she’s back wearing many hats!  She’s hit the road running and already written her first blog post for Cuppa Daisies; you can read it here.   

Here is a summary of what we do:

Cuppa Daisies

Virtual Assistant:

  • Administrative Tasks
  • Copy Typing
  • Diary Management
  • Document Creation and Formatting
  • Events co-ordination
  • Party / Wedding Favours
  • Transcription Service

Buy and Sell:

  • We buy Job-Lots of Household items
  • We can sell your Household items for you
  • We sell Raw Honey and Fresh Farm Eggs

Cuppa Web Marketing

  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Facebook Business Pages
  • Social Media Marketing
  • WordPress Blog Posts


  • Raising funds for the diabetic community.
  • We do so by accepting donated items and selling these.
  • We have tables at two Christmas Markets.
Michelle Longman
Founder and Owner

Feeling Cluttered? We Can Help!


Would you like more space in your place?
Let us help you!

We will COLLECT all your unwanted goods and turn them into cash for those people living with Diabetes who need a hand up.

We accept anything (except furniture and large appliances; we don’t have the transport or space to accommodate these items) ranging from clothes, shoes, accessories, luggage, household goods, stationery, books, music items, linen, tools, gardening goods, kitchenware, pet supplies – You Name It, We Will Take It.

If necessary, items are repaired, refurbished and/or repainted and those items that we just cannot sell, we donate to other organisiations that we support.

Goods are first offered to the local farm workers in Morningstar; at a fraction of the valued price. This enables these workers to uplift the quality of the items in their own homes. Vintage or more specialised items are sold online or will be kept to be sold at Christmas Markets later this year.

All support is appreciated! Thank you.

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The Real Recipe Project comes to an end

—Pngtree—blue corona virus 3d element_5325397Amidst the chaos that is the Covid-19 pandemic, we find ourselves having to put a stop to The Real Recipe Project with immediate effect.

We’d like to thank our sponsors for their support as well as all the recipe submissions we have received to date.  

Over the next while, we will share some of these recipes, as well as new recipes we have discovered during the Covid-19 lock-down,  via our website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Brian Currin & Michelle Longman at Bothasig Library Boot Sale Market.

A huge shout-out to Mabu Vinyl for supplying us with vintage LPs and CDs that we sold at boot sales and online.  We hope to continue with some level of online sales going forward, still with the view of raising funds for the diabetic community.  Please like our Facebook page to keep up to date with these activities.



Our Mission

StormT1-Together’s mission is to raise funds for the diabetic community, with one of the focus areas being the disadvantaged youth.

It’s time that all type 1 individuals have access to the same level of medical care and not be discriminated because of their financial status.

Our inspiration, Storm Longman – above, was admitted to hospital twice during 2019, as a result of ketoacidosis (serious diabetes complications where the body produces excess blood acids).

She doesn’t wear a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) as even the cheapest device is costly, but fortunately her glucometer (home measurement system used to test the amount of glucose / sugar in her blood) is able to measure blood ketones. This little device meant that on both occasions, she was able to identify her high ketones and get urgent treatment, before becoming unconscious from ketoacidosis.

And yet, so many do not have access to these simple accessories that can help save a diabetic’s life. And we are not being dramatic when we say this, this is how it is with diabetes.

We have big plans to create awareness, education and to raise funds for the diabetic community.  Watch this space  🙂


Acknowledging the Diaversary

Storm & Zoso, Christmas Day 2019For many of us, there are certain days each year that have a very special meaning to us e.g. a birthday, the day you got your driver’s license, a wedding anniversary or perhaps the passing of a loved one. For Type 1 diabetics, a day that is recognised annually is their Diaversary; the day they were diagnosed with Type 1.

I doubt this day is celebrated; however it’s a day worth acknowledging nevertheless.

It’s the day the signifies the start of a New Normal; a life of regular finger pricks and insulin doses as well as lots of new terminology e.g. HBA1C, CGM, MDI, DKA and of course Lows and Highs as well as many, many sleepless nights to come. It’s recognising that lots of time will be spent at medical practitioners including general practitioners, pathologists, clinics, dietitians, endocrinologists, ophthalmologists and without a shadow of a doubt, there will be numerous emergency room visits and nights in intensive care. It’s the start of the complex journey of what eating plan to follow. Everyone is different so LCHF might work for one person where as Low GI might be better for someone else. Perhaps its choosing Vegetarian or a LCHF vegan route. No one person is the same and this journey of eating-plan-discovery is a rite of passage for those with diabetes.  It’s understanding that things will never be quite the same; that glucose management is so much more than just what one eats and what caused glucose to go high yesterday could actually make it go low today! It’s never leaving the house again without the diabetic kit and sweets.

Lows happen suddenly and can so quickly become fatal, that carrying sweets at all times becomes essential.  It’s realising that, unless one knows someone with Type 1 diabetes, the general public don’t understand the condition (and why should they?) and so it’s getting used to explaining that my child did not get Type 1 because she ate too many sweets or because I ate too many sweets when pregnant, or because I did or didn’t breast feed her, or because she’s been vaccinated or not vaccinated.  It’s always being at the ready to explain that my child has an autoimmune disease for which there is no cure; that yes, the insulin injections hurt but they keep her alive, that your herbal tea will not cure her diabetes (even if it helps the glucose control), and that she is allowed to eat the cake, if she wants to.

Storm Longman is the inspiration behind T1-Together and it was her 7th diaversary on 2 January 2020. The photo was taken on Christmas Day, 2019.

T1-Together was started last year with a long-term vision to raise funds for various aspects of the diabetic community, while helping to create awareness of this life-changing condition.

Michelle Longman
Storm’s Mom and Founder T1-Together

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Latest News from T1 Together


T1-Together’s mission is to raise funds for the diabetic community of South Africa and our vision is to assist the disadvantaged diabetic youth and financially assist with the training of diabetic alert dogs.

Our first major project is to produce a recipe book and we had thought to have this book out by 14 November this year i.e. World Diabetes Day.

Needless to say, with such an audacious goal, that deadline was just too tight so we’ve pushed out the launch of our recipe book to next year – and in the process, the book ideas are just getting bigger and better!

In the interim, we do need to keep funds rolling in for T1-Together and we are doing this by selling a variety of items at Boot Sales and Markets.  We are extremely grateful to Mabu Vinyl who have come onboard as a sponsor by donating vintage vinyls for us to sell and you’ll find us at the Bothasig Library Boot Sale most Saturdays.

Car Boot Sale
All packed and ready to go!

We also often receive donated books and CD’s and along with a supply of interesting bric-a-brac, these items are all sold for the benefit of T1-Together’s recipe book project.  Please see list of events below and support where you can.

In December, we are honoured to be at the Table Bay Christmas Market, which is from 2nd December to 22nd December.  Our stand will offer 100% raw honey, both Fynbos and Wild Flower, as well as honey spoons and honey gift packs.

Cuppa Fynbos 100% Raw Honey
Cuppa Fynbos 100% Raw Honey

Please support the various T1 Together Events, we would love to see you there.